Working on my RESILIENCE has helped me to really get to know myself.

Until about seven years ago, I don't think I knew who I was, but going on a journey to build resilience helped me to find myself. Raising awareness, setting intention, becoming bravely honest and taking total responsibility changed everything for me.

The more I connect to my intuition, maintain healthy boundaries and rewrite my own script, the more I flourish.

Hi, I'm Glenda,

Also known as Dr. G! I love the simple pleasures in life, spending time with my family, reading in the sunshine, eating great food and enjoying the solitude of a back massage or time in nature. 

"Cuddles with my son and hearing him laugh are all I need to keep my heart and soul happy."

My daily self-love practices are integral to my physical and emotional health and wellbeing and allow me to run my businesses effectively, spend quality time with my family and create space for creativity and passion projects.

I practice loving kindness to myself, write a gratitude journal and keep social media to a minimum. After experiencing burnout in my career, I learnt the importance of filling my own cup first to prevent exhaustion, stress and burnout from happening again.

My life vision is simple: To DO less and BE more. 



As human beings, we thrive when we feel part of a community and when we feel valued, recognised and appreciated.

In business, connecting with people we admire, respect and who we can learn from is an essential part of our personal growth. Collaborations are a powerful way to deliver more value to our clients and audience as well as for creating a motivating and inspiring dynamic. 

Resilience Coach

We are all busier and more stressed than ever before. Building resilience is the key factor in transforming your health; from feeling stuck and overwhelmed to happy and thriving.  

Through my 6-session Resilience Coaching programme, I will guide you to let go of limiting beliefs and move forward in life, relationships and business. Are you ready for your breakthrough moment?



As an inspiring and passionate international speaker, author, coach and consultant, I am known for my expertise in resilience, mindset and wellbeing.

I am the Founder of We Talk Wellbeing and a serial award-winning entrepreneur in the health and fitness industries. I am highly regarded for my leadership and innovation skills in supporting individuals and businesses to thrive.



My story is one of an over-achieving young woman who craved success in a masculine world. I worked hard and achieved business success and created financial security for my family, but it was at the expense of my physical and mental wellbeing.

In my writing, I share the skills and strategies that support our own unique journey to health, happiness and wellness in our work and personal lives. 


What's your truth?

I believe that if everyone spoke their truth and shared their deepest desires, wants and needs, the world would be a far nicer place, with less misunderstanding, less negativity and less anger.

If we all took more responsibility for our own lives and stopped blaming others and waiting for tomorrow, we'd all be a lot happier and healthier!

If I had 15 seconds to share a message with the world, I would say...

"Be curious, hold on to hope and optimism and live your life NOW. Make your own wellbeing a priority. As soon as you lose expectation, judgment and comparison of others, you will find great peace in your life."

If I could change one thing in the world

I feel very passionately about the lack of regulation in the wellbeing industry. Just because you have had something happen to you doesn't mean you are qualified to put yourself out there as a wellbeing expert.

Of course, it's important to share personal stories of overcoming life's challenges because that's what other people will resonate with, but as a service provider, coach or 'expert', that should be in addition to a strong foundation of professional skills, qualifications and experience.

Another thing I would change is to encourage more people in business to choose collaboration over competition. Too many people are focused on what their competitors are doing instead of following their own heart and soul and bringing their unique skills, personality and experience into the world. 

We need to do more to support mental health

I believe that our mental and emotional wellbeing is equally as important as our physical health and fitness. The two go hand-in-hand. Trying to commit to a daily exercise routine when you're mentally drained, stressed and exhausted is going to be a constant uphill battle. 

Social media has created a huge impact on our mental health, especially amongst younger generations who spend more time on devices than ever before. As parents, leaders and role models, we must be more aware of our daily actions and take steps to be more present, more engaged 'in real life' and to ensure we have long periods of social media free time (and time away from our screens) every week. 

And, we must all learn to be kinder to ourselves and to each other. To show compassion and empathy towards others and understand that we're all on this unique journey called life. 


How to live a life aligned to your VALUES

Over time, I've learnt and continually practiced living in the now. I enjoy it for all that it brings and look for every opportunity to say yes, while honouring my boundaries and saying no when it feels right in my gut. This is what FREEDOM means to me.

When I TRAVEL, I feel there's a shift in perspective; a feeling of a beginner's mind. Everything feels new, interesting and exciting! It's like being young again and having that childlike sense of curiosity with less fear and judgement.

Most people are far too serious and could do with a lot more FUN in their lives! We're here for such a short time so I believe we should make the most of it. I stay away from people who drain my energy and prefer to surround myself with people who make me laugh and feel alive. 

It's sad that so many people choose material advancement over their health, and only realise when it's too late. HEALTH is the one thing we're all given that we have to protect at all costs.

And finally, FAMILY is everything to me! Going for a meal with my son and listening to him chat about his life is something I'll always cherish. 

Whenever life is feeling difficult, stagnant or overwhelming, I invite you to reconnect to your personal values and ask yourself whether areas of your life are truly in alignment with these values, or whether you've gone off track (possibly to please others or keep the peace). Dig deep on this one and remember what's really important to you and why. 


Resilient As Fudge

In this powerful keynote speech, I share insights from my personal journey as an entrepreneur in the health and fitness industry and the series of events that led to me feeling burnt out, overwhelmed and stuck in a cycle of self-sabotage. After a lot of soul searching, I realised that resilience was the key to living a healthier, happier life and I have made it my life's mission to share the tips, mindset, toolset and skillset required to find peace and stillness within.

In this Keynote speech, I share the mindset, skillset and toolset from my Resilient as Fudge method to engage and empower your audience.

In our crazy modern world, having the ability to remain calm under pressure and to withstand the challenges of life, is a true superpower. 



Training Webinar (45 or 90 mins) 

Like fudge, to be resilient is to have YOUR own unique balance of firmness and softness, realism and optimism, rationality and emotionality, doing and being.

Together, we will explore the importance of resilience using the Resilient as Fudge method. We will uncover the richness of being resilient and learn the Resilient as Fudge mindset, skillset and toolset required to support you in becoming the best version of yourself. 

Give your team the chance to taste what it's like to be as Resilient as Fudge!



All the best conversations happen on LinkedIn

We Talk Wellbeing are finalists in the Start Up Awards, 2023

Well I don’t know what to say, I was not expecting this! Actually I do know what to say...

WeTalkWellbeing being recognized for the contribution and impact we make is so rewarding but…

What I am most appreciative of is that Emma Hossack did all the hard work for this process as a surprise for me and the rest of the team: Mark Bryce, Lara Hall-Bryce, Adam Daniel MBA, Tina Hesse MAPPCP.


Leveraging Digital Technology to Improve Health Equity and Prevention: A Vital Opportunity

The pandemic and global economic pressures have only exacerbated a growing health, wellbeing and mental health crisis around the world with employees looking more and more to their employers for support. As HR/wellbeing leads and business owners, we have a duty to keep our employees healthy and happy.

Despite divided opinion on the use of wellbeing technology, I truly believe it can be a force for good as part of an overall fully integrated and holistic wellbeing strategy.


The Role of Mindfulness in the Development of Resilience in Entrepreneurs - Part 1

Last Friday I had the pleasure of speaking alongside an amazing line up of speakers at the Leaders in Wellbeing Summit in Jersey on the role that Mindfulness can play in developing Resilience in Entrepreneurs.

The sentiment behind the Japanese proverb "fall seven times and stand up eight" has always intrigued me. Just why is it that some people can spring back time and time again after terrible hardship and adversity yet some people break at the first thing that tests them? 


Perception vs. Reality

When all said and done, what you perceive about yourself and the world around you becomes your reality. What is important to understand is that each and every one of us views the world with their own unique lens. What you see and what they see is not always the same thing. For each person, it is their truth, and they are both true.

When we choose to see the world through only one lens, our lens, we rob ourselves of a world of knowledge and possibilities. 

What do you think?


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